by Foster Mobley |

Leadersh*t: Rethinking The True Path To Great Leading

Originally Published October 15, 2011 by Madison House Media

ISBN: 0983529906 

For over 40 years, gurus of all stripes have been promoting the “competency model” of leadership, insisting that mastering skill sets such as motivation and vision-setting is the key to effective leading. But if that’s true, where are all the great leaders? In reality, the corporate world and world at large suffers from a dearth of leaders equipped to perform a leader’s primary duty: building the capacity of followers to deliver breakthrough results.

Into this dysfunctional paradigm comes the award-winning Leadersh*t: Rethinking the True Path to Great Leading with a shocking, refreshing wake-up call of unconventional wisdom.  From his 35+ years of experience coaching and developing some of the finest leaders in business and sports, FMG Leading Founder and Chairman Dr. Foster Mobley has distilled this simple, game changing revelation: leading well is not about what you do but who you are.  His revolutionary approach to developing breakthrough leaders, Wisdom Leading™, fills the pages of this extraordinary book.

There have been hundreds of thousands of books on leadership.  There has never been a book like Leadersh*t: Rethinking the True Path to Great Leading

Dr. Foster Mobley FMG Leading

Dr. Foster Mobley

Dr. Foster Mobley is an award-winning author, keynote speaker and executive coach committed to exceptional leadership of businesses, communities and teams.