In unmapped territory, every leader can use a seasoned guide

Many executives reach a point where they’ve read all the books and attended all the courses, but still struggle to find solutions to the new challenges they are facing. Whether it’s stepping into a top job, rebuilding an executive team, or integrating a new acquisition, these leaders need expert advice as they navigate the opportunities that lie ahead. 

In unmapped territory, every leader can use a seasoned guide

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Preparing leaders to climb unfamiliar terrain

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Preparing leaders to climb unfamiliar terrain

FMG Leading helps senior leaders avoid pitfalls and expand viewpoints along the journey to powerful leading. Over the past three decades, we have built relationships with thousands of top executives, helping them become the leaders needed to transform their company’s results. Our advisors have years of real world experience in top organizations – we’ve walked the path our clients are on. Our coaching and advisory work is grounded in the context and business realities of industries such as healthcare, private equity, and hospitality.


Our customized leader development engagements often include: 



Leadership assessments

 that evaluate the performance of individuals and teams, identifying strengths and growth potential.

Talent management consulting

that assesses human capital processes and succession pipelines, helping organizations ensure the right programs are in place to grow future leaders. 

Executive coaching and advising

to help individual leaders develop the skills and awareness needed to take their organizations to the next level.

Tailored learning programs

that teach executives the fundamentals of effective leading, including delegation, resolving conflict, and handling tough conversations.

Build the leaders you need to transform your business

Improving leader quality is essential to accelerating business performance. Great leaders inspire employees to take on new challenges, reducing turnover and unlocking incremental effort within their organization. With a clearly communicated vision and an aligned, engaged workforce, executives can lead their companies to heights never thought possible.

Build the leaders you need to transform your business

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"FMG Leading is an essential partner in the change of our culture and performance. I have benefited from their trusted counsel for many years. Their executive coaching process is an integral part of how we develop senior executives, and their unique approach to wisdom-based leadership has made a significant impact on our leaders and the results we achieve."


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Contact the Practice Leader

Chris “Mitch” Mitchell

A seasoned and motivating leader, coach, and speaker with over 25 years of experience, Mitch's expertise lies in his ability to successfully guide executives through times of upheaval and transformative change. His coaching philosophy brings a holistic approach to leader development, focusing on the tension and gaps in leadership, while engaging the individual as a complete and integrated system.