Misaligned teams rarely reach their objectives

Executive teams that don’t develop a common vision of where they are going and how they will get there will likely fall short of their objectives. Teams with unresolved conflicts and underlying tensions not only underperform, but also put the organization’s broader priorities in jeopardy.  

Misaligned teams rarely reach their objectives

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Improve team effectiveness

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Improve team effectiveness 

FMG Leading partners with executive teams to build alignment and trust, enabling quick decision-making and agile team execution.

Based on 3 decades of research and experience, we have identified six key areas that when optimized, clear the path to exceptional team performance.

The Six Key Drivers of Team Performance:

Purpose and goals

 Clarifying the team’s unique purpose and goals, what they mean to individual team members, and how the team will hold itself accountable. 


Articulating a collective understanding of the team’s fundamental business purpose.

Talent and utilization

Assessing teams to ensure the right people are in the right roles, and harnessing talents to achieve group objectives.


Resolving conflict and removing tension to create a team environment that fosters trust and high performance.

Innovative thinking

Teaching teams to leverage diverse perspectives to transform a good idea into a great one.


Allowing the collective emotional intelligence of the team to serve as the lynchpin for decision making and accountability.


Top teams lift an organization higher, faster

When senior teams optimize each of these six dimensions, they clear a path to success. They gain a sense of purpose, trust and determination that allows them to deliver rapid results and execute strategy. And they find the journey more personally and professionally rewarding as well.

Top teams lift an organization higher, faster

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Jess Parks Sound Physicians

"If you feel that your organizational effectiveness is impeded because your leadership team is not firing on all cylinders, or if you feel that your own limitations as a leader are impacting the organization, then FMG Leading is the type of firm that can really help you make progress."

-Jess Parks, PRESIDENT, Sound Physicians

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