When the destination is unclear, it’s difficult to build momentum

Companies experiencing rapid disruption or transformation often find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Even when leaders have a clear vision, the broader organization can struggle to understand the new direction and the roles they play. Leaders often overlook key resources they can use to set a new course and reignite a sense of shared purpose. 

When the destination is unclear, it’s difficult to build momentum

Reaching the peak requires a common effort inspired by a singular vision

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Reaching the peak requires a common effort inspired by a singular vision

FMG Leading guides companies through major change and growth initiatives, helping to craft a strategic narrative for the journey that everyone can embrace.  Using assessment tools, interviews, site visits, and existing performance data, we evaluate the current state of the business and clarify what is needed to ensure everyone is moving up the mountain together.


To help companies expedite their ascent, we focus on three areas: 




Creating customized roadmaps that cascade priorities throughout the organization and help people at all levels understand where the company is headed.


Designing environments that support the new strategy and promote high performance, while grounding people in what it means to be part of the organization. 

Processes and systems

Helping companies plot out the reality of growth and the new resources they’ll need to achieve their goals. 

Empower peak performance

When companies align their human capital with their business strategy, they create an environment that maximizes the contributions of each individual. With everyone moving in the same direction and sharing a clear and common purpose, the organization can reach new heights faster, while effectively overcoming the challenges they will encounter along the way.

Empower peak performance

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"Cultural change and rapid growth are two very difficult goals for a company with new ownership and management to achieve on their own.  FMG Leading helped us prepare and strategize in advance for the most challenging phases of this change, easing the stress on the organization."

-Leonard Castiglione, CEO, OB Hospitalist Group

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