Healthcare Industry Practice

Healthcare Industry Practice

Healthcare industry practice

Today’s health care leaders face a business environment characterized by rapid change and constant uncertainty. Physician leaders and health care executives are under more pressure than ever. Amidst multiple layers of complexity, leading health care companies can be an uphill climb.

CEOs and health care leaders operating in today’s healthcare landscape must manage traditional volume-based models while simultaneously reinventing their organizations to meet the demand for a value-based approach. Effective change leadership skills are critical to health care organizations that want to remain on top.

For over 35 years, FMG Leading has partnered with some of the nation’s top health care organizations, serving as trusted guides and advisors in the development of strategy and human capital. We’ve walked alongside market leaders as they have achieved rapid growth and industry-leading results. 

FMG Leading brings industry-specific experience that gives us rare insight into health care and its leadership dynamics and needs – structures, terminology and the unique aspects the industry faces.  Purpose-driven leadership is at the core of healthcare and at the heart of our work to shape culture and drive outcomes.

Healthcare Industry Practice

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Sectors we serve

Sectors we serve

Sectors we serve

  • Medical groups and ambulatory delivery networks

  • Hospitals, health systems and academic medical centers

  • Provider delivery systems – from behavioral health to dental care to hospitalist companies of various size and market position

  • Medical management – technology and/or data driven care management practices 

  • Payer and insurance providers

  • Medical device and pharmaceutical

Sectors we serve

Physician Leader Development

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Research has shown that physicians prefer to be led by other physicians, and having physicians in senior leadership positions is critical to balancing the quality / cost challenges facing health care today. Despite this, the health care industry faces a shortage of truly effective physician leaders – those doctors with the experience, skills and desire to take on expanded leadership roles.

Complex organizations and matrixed / integrated operations require leaders with well-honed influence, collaboration and communication skills. Many physicians in leadership roles lack the training required to lead diverse teams at different organizational levels.


The Challenge of Physician Leader Development

The Challenge of Physician Leader Development

The Challenge of Physician Leader Development

Developing effective physician leaders is a steep challenge for any health care organization. Exacerbating the challenge are several factors including:

  • Physician burnout – causing turnover, below-expectation clinical outcomes, and reduced value

  • Lack of a leadership development program and pipeline – and a clear path for those physicians earmarked for leadership roles. 

  • Dyad partnerships that aren’t working to their potential – due to misaligned incentives, lack of role clarity, and miscommunication.

Many organizations attempt to build physician leader capabilities by sending their doctors to leadership training courses or MBAs that are episodic and educational (rather than developmental). Others ignore the core issue and deal with it indirectly – providing more administrative support, or adding sub-leadership layers to bridge the obvious gaps.

The Challenge of Physician Leader Development

Building Physician Leader Capacity 

Through our research and experience, we have developed a five-level physician leadership pipeline designed to help organizations guide their clinician leaders to next-level readiness and ensure their continued success. As physicians grow through the leadership pipeline, their skills and focus shift in accordance with their expanded responsibilities.

FMG Leading’s Physician Leader Pipeline

FMG Leading’s physician leader development solutions include:

  • Design of tailored programs and culturally aligned strategies that help organizations identify, develop and promote physician leaders

  • Building individual leadership capacity through one-on-one executive coaching

  • Ensuring dyad-model effectiveness through assessment, advising, and development

  • Providing ongoing education to increase the capacity to lead change and align organizational culture

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Jennifer Perry

Jennifer leads a team of consultants and coaches that bring extensive health care and leadership experience to serve the human capital needs of our health care clients. She joined FMG Leading from the healthcare sector, where she served for more than a decade as a healthcare executive, driving corporate strategy and overseeing leader development initiatives.