Health Integrated is a Tampa, Florida-based company that helps healthcare providers drive better outcomes, higher satisfaction and lower costs by approaching  medical, behavioral, and social health as an integrated whole. They enable and empower over 5 million patients to stay on-track with care plans, allowing shortened recovery times and reduced re-admissions while improving adherence to care and prescription regimens.

Experts in helping their clients improve care management practices, the company struggled to evolve their own operations.

The conflict and negativity within the Executive Team had brought the company to a near standstill, and the embedded culture was not conducive to growth. CEO Shan Padda chose FMG Leading to help create an organizational change and leader development plan based on our deep experience and record of success with similar-sized healthcare companies.

FMG Leading convened an Executive Team offsite retreat, facilitating an open discussion around pain points and what was and wasn’t working in the organization, in what CEO Shan Padda called a “healthy cauterization process.”

Leveraging feedback from our Executive 360° leadership assessment, we helped the senior executives reframe and reposition long-held beliefs, enabling them to break down silos and other barriers that were in their way.

FMG Leading then began customizing solutions to meet the other needs identified by senior leaders, including individual and team coaching and development, and service excellence training for over 400 of their front-line team of practitioners and therapists. To further support these change initiatives, we partnered with executives from the CEO to the Senior VP of Talent Management and Corporate Culture to design enterprise-wide communications in order to help the organization better understand the ongoing change process and embrace the new, desired culture. FMG Leading’s consultants embedded themselves within the Health Integrated organization, building trust and becoming, as the Senior VP of Corporate Resources described, “business partners and an extension of our team.”

Health Integrated experienced a complete company turnaround.

With a culture intentionally designed to support strategic goals, and an aligned, high-performing executive team successfully leading the way, revenues rose more than 66%, from $30 million to over $50 million.  In 2017, Health Integrated was purchased by EXL, a digital technology and services company; terms were not disclosed.   

From the client’s point of view

In the 2 years after engaging FMG Leading, revenues rose more than 66%, from $30 million to over $50 million.

"Without FMG Leading’s intervention, we wouldn’t have come nearly as far along as we did as an organization. We were in serious trouble and they played a critical part in turning that around."

-Shan Padda, former CEO and Chairman, Health Integrated

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Jennifer Perry

As leader of FMG Leading's healthcare practice, Jennifer focuses on meeting the human capital needs of our growing portfolio of healthcare clients, while consulting on large-scale change and leadership development projects.