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G.E.D. or M.P.H. - Which Type Of Manager Are You?

We all know them - managers that are so focused on the task at hand that they forget the human element of the job. And their opposite exists as well: managers who are so focused on their people that operational effectiveness grinds to a halt. I call these 2 types of management personalities "G.E.D.s" (git 'er done) and "M.P.H.s" (make people happy).

The G.E.D. Manager

A G.E.D. manager is all about the job. Full steam ahead, they pride themselves in their ability to make things happen, but rarely consider the impact they are having on those around them. They can be counted on to tackle the insurmountable, and enjoy accomplishing what others view as impossible. I once had a G.E.D. manager tell me, "You wanted it done, it got done, don't ask me how I did it." That's a massive red flag, so I asked a few questions and learned that his team was worked to the bone, two had recently resigned, and employee morale in the department was at an all-time low. But yes, the job got done.

The M.P.H. Manager

At the other end of the spectrum is the M.P.H. manager. Smiling and charismatic, they define their effectiveness as a manager by the strength of the relationships they build with their team. And yes, they are widely liked, not only for their charm and friendliness, but for their laid-back approach to work and for never holding anyone accountable. Deadline missed? No problem. Drop in quality? Nobody's perfect. The M.P.H. manager is so focused on making people happy that they fail to achieve their goals and often nothing gets done in their department at all.

Not a fair 2-bucket classification of managers? Do you know a manager that balances both job performance and care for their team? Sure, I know many as well. But they aren't really managers. I call those folks leaders.


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