Deloitte is the largest privately-held professional services network in the world. They provide audit, tax, consulting, regulatory, enterprise risk and financial advisory services, with more than 200,000 professionals in over 150 countries. In fiscal year ending May 2017, Deloitte reported earnings of $38.8 billion USD in revenues.

In 2000, Maritza Gomez Montiel was appointed Regional Managing Partner for Deloitte’s Central Atlantic Region, at the time the poorest performing division in the US firm.

Maritza enlisted FMG Leading’s support as she began designing strategies to improve the collaboration, alignment, and performance of her new team. Her goal was simple: to go from worst to best. Our partnership, however, developed into something much greater.

Over the course of 2 years, FMG Leading designed strategic sessions to improve teamwork and accelerate the achievement of goals among regional leadership, as well as coaching Maritza to lead improved performance.

The Central Atlantic Division was transformed, becoming the fastest growing region in Deloitte, and Maritza was promoted to next lead the 2nd largest region in the company, generating over $1.5 billion annually. In the following years, Maritza’s success led to subsequent promotions and acknowledgment…and a new assignment unlike any Deloitte had ever seen.

Maritza’s track record for developing leaders was recognized by then-CEO Barry Salzberg, who appointed her to lead the development of an initiative to support Deloitte’s growing reputation as the place to be to build a leadership career. The result was Deloitte University, a dedicated campus and curriculum focused on creating the leaders of tomorrow. FMG Leading became advisors to Maritza and the firm in the creation of the University, developing a program known as “NextGen”, a comprehensive approach to assessment, formal education, coaching and mentoring intended to prepare the next generation of executives at Deloitte. FMG Leading Chairman and Founder Dr. Foster Mobley was selected as “lead coach” for the initial NextGen program, working with over 120 high-potential Deloitte leaders, while also identifying, selecting, training and coaching a team of external coaches to support the University’s development efforts.

Since opening its doors in 2011 in Dallas, Texas, Deloitte University has welcomed over 100,000 learners from over 85 countries, delivering over 680,000 learning hours annually and enabling over $100 million in revenues.

Nearly 3,000 of Deloitte’s Partners, Principals, and Directors have participated in the C-Suite Development program, and the firm is listed on Fortune’s “100 Best Places To Work” list. Deloitte University has become the core of the Deloitte culture, transforming the firm into a candid, results-driven environment, while providing a brand differentiator allowing them to continuously win the talent war. The successful NextGen program is now in its seventh generation, having accelerated the development of several hundred high potential leaders. Maritza retired from Deloitte in 2014 as Deputy CEO and Vice Chairman. Deloitte remains an FMG Leading client today.

From the client’s point of view

Deloitte University has welcomed over 100,000 learners from over 85 countries, delivering over 680,000 learning hours annually, and enabling over $100 million in revenues.

"FMG Leading teaches the essence of leadership through a combination of practical solutions and deep expertise that both empower and eduate today’s executives."

-Maritza G. Montiel, Former Deputy CEO and Vice Chairman, Deloitte

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