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Dr. Matt Brubaker, President And COO Of FMG Leading, Featured In Washington Post

Article on corporate apology highlights corporate messaging expertise.

San Diego, CA – October 12, 2015 - Dr. Matt Brubaker, CEO of FMG Leading, was featured in a recent article on corporate apology, published in the October 8, 2015 edition of the Washington Post. The article, “Sizing Up The Sincerity of Corporate Apologies” by columnist Christopher Elliott, explores the various ways that companies and leaders apologize when something goes wrong. The piece is especially relevant due to recent high profile political, travel, and automotive industry meltdowns that have resulted in the issuance of public apologies – not all of which feel (or in some cases, were) genuine.

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Dr. Matt Brubaker

Throughout his 20-year career, Dr. Matt Brubaker has studied and coached executive leaders in a variety of capacities.

“In many cases, public apologies are really not apologies at all, but PR statements designed to minimize risk, eliminate negative consequences and save face while sidestepping the actual wrongdoing or misstep,” Dr. Brubaker is quoted as saying. The article goes on to highlight that the apology alone is not enough; it must include genuine remorse, and corrective action, in order to be considered legitimate and effective. 

Dr. Brubaker’s expertise in the area of leadership communication stems in part from the research that contributed to his doctoral dissertation, in which he examines the practice of apology as a leadership behavior in an organizational context. The study explores the practice of public apology in response to organizational failures, identifying critical components of successful apologies, as well as situations in which an apology is ill advised. 

In today’s hyper-connected world, corporate communications have unprecedented rapid reach. And when things go wrong, the chosen response can make-or-break a company, both publicly and financially. Unsure if your organization's CEO or corporate communications team is prepared to effectively respond in times of crisis? Contact the expert advisors at FMG Leading

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