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Matt Brubaker earns Doctoral Degree from Pepperdine University

President and COO of FMG Leading successfully defends doctoral dissertation, earning the degree "Doctor of Education in Organization Change".

San Diego, CA – Apr 17, 2015 – FMG Leading is proud to announce that Matt Brubaker, President and COO, has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, “APOLOGY AS A LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOR: A META-ANALYSIS WITH IMPLICATIONS FOR ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERS”, at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology, earning him the title Matt Brubaker, Ed.D.


Dr. Matt Brubaker

Throughout his 20-year career, Dr. Matt Brubaker has studied and coached executive leaders in a variety of capacities.

Dr. Brubaker’s doctoral dissertation examines the practice of apology as a leadership behavior in an organizational context. The study provides a meta-analysis of the diverse literatures that address the practice of apology. Examining literature from theology and philosophy, the social sciences, law, public relations and organizational management, the study builds a framework to understand and evaluate apology and its appropriate application to episodes of organizational failure.  

Dr. Brubaker has studied and coached high-performing leaders in a variety of capacities throughout his entire professional career. Over the last two decades, he has consulted in numerous practice areas, including executive and high potential leadership development, enterprise talent management, conflict resolution, and large-scale organizational assessment and change. Dr. Brubaker’s executive coaching practice is focused exclusively on C-level leaders, as well as select junior executives demonstrating very high potential for growth. In addition to his doctoral degree from Pepperdine, Dr. Brubaker earned his Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution from the University of Massachusetts

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