Our clients accelerate growth, maximize value, and outperform the competition through world-class human capital strategy.


What is your leadership costing you?

In today's business environment, having a clear strategy isn't enoughOur clients recognize success is more than just balance sheets and physical assets; they lead their industries by engaging, aligning and getting the best out of their most important resource: their people. Through intelligence-based investments in leader development, team alignment, and culture design, our clients transform their organizations, routinely outperforming the competition while maximizing shareholder value.

What makes our process unique?

Our client engagements begin with the collection and benchmarking of actionable data, creating a clear understanding of current performance levels. We then partner with clients to design and agree on a change roadmap; a customized approach that supports your specific growth goals. Our team of advisors and coaches act as guides, facilitators, and trusted partners, equipping your team with frameworks and capability to lead the change process. And unlike many advisory firms, we evaluate your new performance levels along the way, measuring results and demonstrating a clear return on investment.

Where should you begin?

In just one day, the Human Capital Index helps you measure and maximize the unique economic value created by your people. The facilitated summit guides executive teams to alignment around the 6 primary drivers of human capital performance, assessing current levels of effectiveness and identifying opportunities to leverage and de-risk organizational strategy. The program provides various layers of value, including executive alignment, a quantitative performance baseline, and a roadmap to convert program insights into measurable results.

Is your culture a change barrier?

FMG Leading's Integrated Strategic Change framework helps leaders understand and clarify a vision for the future. We recognize that culture has a significant impact on successful change efforts, and is often the key lever that activates breakthrough performance. Yet this critical element is often ignored, underestimated, or misunderstood. We help you understand how culture acts as a lever for value creation and transformation, defining and assessing your current culture and identifying areas it may act as a barrier to change. We then help you design and implement a culture aligned with future strategy, accelerating growth and driving sustainable performance.

Need a guide with proven expertise?

Are you ready to transform your organization? Contact FMG Leading today to learn more about how we partner with CEOs and executive leaders in healthcare, private equity, and beyond to design and implement integrated human capital and culture strategies that create breakthrough financial results and measurable shareholder returns.

Human Capital Index™ infographic

How can you align your executives and enhance the value created by your human assets in one day? It's time to take a closer look at the Human Capital Index.