What is the Human Capital Index™?

Human capital is a crucial and often overlooked component of organizational strategy. Leader and employee quality are primary drivers of business performance that can be measured and improved, directly impacting financial results. The Human Capital Index™ shows you where to begin.

In just one day, the Human Capital Index™ helps you measure and maximize the unique economic value created by your people. The facilitated summit guides executive teams to alignment around the 6 primary drivers of human capital performance, assessing current levels of effectiveness and identifying opportunities to fully leverage and de-risk organizational strategy. 

Through an (often animated) team dialogue, FMG Leading’s advisors will guide your executives to consensus across 36 performance indicators designed to measure your organization’s current levels of human capital effectiveness. The HCI Summit provides various layers of value, including executive alignment, a quantitative performance baseline, and a roadmap to convert unique program insights into measurable results.


The 6 primary human capital performance drivers:

6 HCI Drivers - FMG Leading.png
  • Strategic alignment: the extent to which all leaders share a consistent perspective about, and commitment to the organization’s stated mission and vision, its goals, and its strategies for achieving success.  
  • Leadership quality: the extent to which leadership quality is recognized as a strategic differentiator that drives performance, quality, customer satisfaction, engagement, and overall organizational results.  
  • Engagement: the extent to which employees at all levels and functions are meaningfully treated in ways that lead to full participation in their jobs and contribution to the growth of the company.
  • Culture and identity: the underlying and collective beliefs about an organization’s purpose, and the degree to which culture is both recognized as a critical factor in organizational effectiveness and is actively managed.
  • Change agility: The speed and accuracy by which the organization is able to adapt, change direction, and implement new initiatives and strategic priorities.
  • Execution: The extent to which members of the company, from leaders to the front line, are accountable, deliver on promises, and focus on performance.


Our Process


FMG Leading client engagements often begin with a Human Capital Index™. This approach allows us to collect measurable data, create executive alignment, and establish a baseline of current performance levels. By leading with a "discover and review" phase, we partner with clients to uncover growth barriers, and review potential pathways to improvement. Start with the Human Capital Index™, and create the alignment needed to support the implementation of an intelligence-based human capital strategy.

To learn more about FMG Leading's Human Capital Index™, and how our clients are using program insights to implement development strategies that transform organizational performance, contact FMG Leading at (714) 628-2900 or email us at: info@fmgleading.com.