Private Equity Industry Practice

Private Equity investors face several unique human capital challenges when identifying and growing investments. FMG Leading has a strong track record of partnering with investors to identify the human capital strategies most critical to achieving their investment thesis, accelerating value creation, and positioning them for a strong exit.

There are many ways to invest in an organization’s people resources. Some can have a dramatic effect on both the pace and substance of value creation, while others can become a significant distraction to the organization. We partner with investors in PE firms of all sizes to ensure their human capital strategies align with enterprise strategy, maximizing shareholder value and driving growth across the portfolio.

Private Equity Industry Practice

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In our experience, many Private Equity investors have well-honed instincts around assessing people. And yet the majority of investors would also say that their most time-consuming challenges are people-related. Over several decades of working within portfolio companies, FMG Leading has been able to bring measurement tools and processes to institutionalize some of this instinct to help firms become truly competitive around talent.

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MaryCay Durrant

In her role as Principal of FMG Leading’s private equity practice, MaryCay focuses on optimizing human capital performance and organizational culture to accelerate value creation. She brings of wealth of professional services experience, with particular expertise in guiding the leader and team aspects of evolving traditional businesses. MaryCay helps PE-backed executives respond to new paradigms, navigate founder/CEO transitions and build the strategic alignment required to maximize velocity and drive sustainable results.