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Cosmos And The Forgotten Power Of Wonder

Were you one of the millions dazzled by the original Cosmos? Back in 1980, the late, great Carl Sagan took us on a journey through space and time, black holes and molecules. Recently, a marvelous reboot of Cosmos, hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, reintroduced a new generation to the wonders of science, the universe...and wonder.

Wonder. Awe. They're among the most primal, elevating human emotions. When we're kids, we have them in spades. We're easily stopped short by everything from a bloom of Fourth of July fireworks to a firefly in a jar. It's easy to take our breath away and make us stop and ask: Why? How? What if?

School, adulthood and responsibility replace our wonder with a seen-it-all cynicism. Worse, in the Age of the Internet we think we really have seen it all. That does more than rob us of the capacity to be amazed and overjoyed by the humble. It shuts off our ability to live in the moment and to see the people around us in all their glory. Each of us is a form of magic. If we want to inspire each other to dream and create, perhaps part of our organizational strategy should be rekindling wonder.

Go and binge-watch the new Cosmos on NetFlix. Better yet, go outside on a clear, moonless night and look at the stars. Really look. Be present, like a child. Ask "Why?" I think you'll find that wonder is still there, just beneath the surface, waiting to awaken.

How do you cultivate wonder for your people?

Dr. Foster Mobley FMG Leading

Dr. Foster Mobley

Dr. Foster Mobley is an award-winning author, keynote speaker and executive coach committed to exceptional leadership of businesses, communities and teams.