FMG Leading Client Testimonials
  Oliver T. Moses , Managing Partner, WindRose Health Investors

Oliver T. Moses, Managing Partner, WindRose Health Investors

"FMG Leading helps WindRose leverage a cutting edge approach to backing portfolio investments, clarifying the financial impact of human capital and culture through data and process. Often in Private Equity, these elements are viewed as the softer, ‘un-measureable’ elements of strategy, but we’ve learned that the ‘soft stuff’ ultimately is the ‘hard stuff’….and the soft stuff is highly correlated to successful outcomes when you get it right. 

Having the right talent and culture is not only about de-risking an investment by mitigating the risk of downside events, it's also about having the best leaders in-place early to accelerate growth quickly and enable the frequency of upside events. Bringing in experts like the team at FMG Leading helps us evaluate talent around a deal, both in terms of existing talent in a company, and also talent we bring to a company post-acquisition. So often, the human element is the differentiator between failure and success; between an ‘A outcome’ and a ‘C+ outcome’.

By maximizing the effectiveness of our human capital, FMG Leading helps our portfolio companies scale rapidly and also scale to the very best of their ability."

  Andrew Hayek , CEO, OptumHealth

Andrew Hayek, CEO, OptumHealth

“FMG Leading is an essential partner in the change of our culture and performance. I have benefited from their trusted counsel for many years. Their executive coaching process is an integral part of how we develop senior executives, and their unique approach to wisdom-based leadership has made a significant impact on our leaders and the results we achieve.

In terms of culture, understanding what you've got, where you're at, and the pathways or multiple options around the big levers and value points that drive a culture, FMG Leading is bar none the best in my experience; it's extraordinary. I don't think anyone else can crystallize the meaning of culture, the barriers it presents, and the levers to drive systemic change in a team and a broad organization like FMG Leading can and does.”

  Jess Parks , President and COO, Sound Physicians

Jess Parks, President and COO, Sound Physicians

FMG Leading brings experience that enables them to immediately place what type of leader they're dealing with on the senior executive team and what will be their strengths and opportunities. It's very personal. It’s about individual leaders and how to make them more effective…and by extension, how to make the whole organization more effective.

If you feel that your organizational effectiveness is impeded because your leadership team is not firing on all cylinders, or if you feel that your own limitations as a leader are impacting the organization, then FMG Leading is the type of firm that can really help you make progress.”

  Paul Viviano , CEO, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Paul Viviano, CEO, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

"The contributions of FMG Leading have been an invaluable asset to the growth and performance of our leaders, their teams and the entire company. Children's Hospital Los Angeles wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Foster has also been my trusted advisor and leadership coach for over 20 years. His gift is the ability to see me and my organization clearly, and tell me the truth in a way that I can hear it, learn from it and act on it. He helps me be my best as a leader."

  Maritza Montiel , Former Deputy CEO and Vice Chairman, Deloitte

Maritza Montiel, Former Deputy CEO and Vice Chairman, Deloitte

"FMG Leading tackles and teaches the essence of leadership through a combination of practical solutions and deep expertise and knowledge that both empower and educate today’s executives. They stand alone in their ability to drive the concept of leaders as teachers within organizations, while providing compelling and innovative solutions to help executives drive change, sustain growth and achieve personal success day after day."

  Scott Frerichs , Chief Financial Officer, BPL Plasma

Scott Frerichs, Chief Financial Officer, BPL Plasma

"FMG Leading brings extremely talented people that are incredibly committed and invested in your success, to the point where you don’t think of them as consultants but rather as partners in your business. We're in a totally different place as a business than we were eight or nine months ago. Without question, the work we've done with FMG Leading on leader and culture transformation has been a powerful enabler for the improved results we’ve achieved. I am convinced that this has been one of the single most important investments we’ve made all year.

I’m extremely grateful for the partnership with the FMG Leading team – they’ve changed both me and this company in a very meaningful way.


  Leonard L. Castiglione , CEO, OB Hospitalist Group

Leonard L. Castiglione, CEO, OB Hospitalist Group

“Cultural change and rapid growth are two very difficult goals for a company with new ownership and management to achieve on their own.  FMG Leading helped us prepare and plan in advance for the most challenging phases of this change, easing the stress on the organization.”

  Jordan Klear , CEO, Medsurant Holdings

Jordan Klear, CEO, Medsurant Holdings

"FMG Leading’s Human Capital Index workshop enabled Medsurant Holdings to uncover the pitfalls in our human capital strategy, and come together as an executive team to begin building a much stronger organization."

  Howard K. Aihara,  Former EVP and CFO, Alliance Imaging

Howard K. Aihara, Former EVP and CFO, Alliance Imaging

"I faced challenges in transitioning to the role of Chief Financial Officer at Alliance for the first time in my career. The team at FMG Leading have coached me on how to develop the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to operate at the top level of our organization.  Through the executive coaching process, I have learned that becoming a senior executive is more about the personal values and commitment that you bring to the organization, and less about technical skills."

  Kelly Inouye-Perez , Head Coach, UCLA Softball

Kelly Inouye-Perez, Head Coach, UCLA Softball

"Dr. Foster Mobley has been an instrumental mentor in my transition from an Assistant Coach for the UCLA Softball program to the current leader and Head Coach of the most successful program in the history of Division I Softball. He has helped me align my staff and players to form a clear vision of how this program can continue to strive for excellence.

FMG Leading has been a tremendous asset to the future success of this storied UCLA Softball program. I am fortunate to have them in my world! Go Bruins!"