FMG Leading History

Since 1984, the team at FMG Leading has studied the financial impact of high-performing leaders and cultures, supporting executives, teams, and organizations through times of change, transition, and even crisis. Hailing from the fields of business, strategy, management, psychology, education, philosophy, sociology and more, the team at FMG Leading brings strength in perspective. More than just experienced leadership coaches, our team of advisors and educators are also trusted experts in sustainable organizational change. And, each one of them is prepared to do the work and make the connections needed to help you – and your team – break through. 

Today, FMG Leading serves clients across a wide range of industries – from healthcare to financial services, hospitality to energy, technology, entertainment, and top-tier athletics.  Offering guidance in individual leader and team development, enterprise-wide change, culture design, and experiential learning, we support leaders and teams in clarifying what matters. In other words, who they are, where they are, where they are going, and what's in their way.

FMG Leading has a reputation for guiding leaders and companies in successfully navigating change and building sustainable, healthy companies. We offer a unique, culture-based approach, integrating qualitative and quantitative methods to our consulting and advisory work. At the same time, we help clients build leadership effectiveness and organizational capacity to ensure long-term success and drive measurable results. Contact FMG Leading today, and let us guide your journey to breakthrough leader and organizational performance.

Chairman Dr. Foster Mobley and CEO Dr. Matt Brubaker