Florida Gulf-to-Bay Anesthesiology Associates, LLC (FGTBA) is a multi-state practice group based in Tampa, Florida, which performs a broad range of clinical and administrative services to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.  FGTBA employs over 50 board certified anesthesiologists and over 100 certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA's) who manage approximately 160,000 cases annually for eight hospitals and 11 ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

"FMG Leading helped us plan and prepare for the most challenging phases of change, easing the stress on the organization."

-Leonard Castiglione


In 2012, MTS Health Partners, L.P., a firm providing strategic advisory and capital raising services as well as private equity capital to companies in the global healthcare industry, re-capitalized FGTBA and founded Florida Gulf to Bay Holdings, LLC to support future growth and drive results.  FMG Leading was brought in to assess the current levels of organizational development and provide support in accelerating the growth of the business.


FMG Leading utilized our unique Wisdom Leading™ Executive Coaching process to provide guidance and support to new CEO Leonard Castiglione during his initial onboarding and throughout his tenure with the company. The focus of this coaching work was to help him create an aligned leadership team, clarify the organizational vision and value proposition, and enhance the overall leadership of the company.

In the 18 months that we were involved with FGTBA, they achieved 380% growth, more than tripling in value from $50 million to $240 million.

In addition to our coaching work, FMG Leading deployed our Executive 360° assessment for all members of executive team, to help them develop awareness, mindful presence, and leadership effectiveness.  We also facilitated a team development session with the FGTBA Critical Care unit, to establish alignment, build trust, and define the mission and values of the group.


Armed with the skills and clarity FMG Leading provided, Florida Gulf to Bay Anesthesiology was poised for rapid organizational improvement. In the 18 months that we were involved with FGTBA, they achieved 380% growth, more than tripling in value from $50 million to $240 million.  In late 2014, FGTBA experienced a successful equity event, providing their CEO with an opportunity to continue his record of successful turnarounds with a larger organization.

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