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Since 1984, FMG Leading has guided individual executives, small teams, and whole companies along the journey from 'good' to 'exceptional'. While our clients continue to hail from a broad range of industries, including energy, entertainment, and education, three particular areas in which we bring unique value and perspective to our clients have emerged: healthcare, professional services, and hospitality. Our dedicated practices in these 3 industries allow our clients to leverage our broad experience and proven expertise as they take on the specific challenges and complexities of the current business landscape.


Healthcare Industry Practice

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Healthcare organizations face unprecedented change and uncertainty. Evolving legislation, population health management, patient-centered care, physician / employee disillusionment, rapid technology advances, capital needs, and new types of competition add multiple layers of complexity to strategy execution. CEOs and hospital leaders are under more pressure than ever to simultaneously manage traditional volume-based models while reinventing their organizations to meet the demand for a value-based approach.

For over 30 years, FMG Leading has brought a uniquely qualified perspective to the dynamics of healthcare leadership. Led by former industry Vice President Jennifer PerryFMG Leading's dedicated healthcare division partners with visionary executives to build high-performing healthcare organizations with a focus on culture, team and leader quality.

 Jennifer Perry, Principal, Healthcare

Jennifer Perry, Principal, Healthcare


Professional Services Industry Practice


Leaders of professional services organizations have long recognized the importance of talent and culture as critical drivers of performance, yet often have struggled to quantify the impact on their businesses. FMG Leading brings a unique approach to professional services and private equity leadership, partnering with executives to help them understand what’s needed, what’s holding them back, and how best to align and act to drive results. Despite the upheaval that defines the current professional services landscape, FMG Leading’s clients have achieved remarkable transformation, developing and de-risking executive leadership while improving strategic focus to deliver industry-leading financial results.

The FMG Leading professional services practice is comprised of a team of seasoned industry leaders with proven track records in growth acceleration and client transformation. With broad expertise ranging from private equity strategy, founder transitions, executive team assessment and alignment, C-level development, and strategic culture design, the FMG Leading professional services team brings strength in perspective.


Tourism and Hospitality Industry Practice

Today's hospitality leaders face a myriad of challenges, from providing consistent, exceptional service, to delivering on owner expectations, and attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent. Supporting a range of hospitality businesses, including hotels, cruise lines, airlines, theme parks, the outdoor industry, golf/ski resorts, and beyond, FMG Leading's tourism and hospitality practice offers executives a unique level of exceptional support from experienced former industry professionals and human capital thought leaders.

 Dr. Mark Gasta, Principal, Hospitality

Dr. Mark Gasta, Principal, Hospitality

Featuring a team of coaches and advisors with international luxury hotel experience, and led by former Vail Resorts EVP and Chief People Officer Dr. Mark Gasta, the FMG Leading hospitality industry practice partners with senior leaders to design integrated human capital and culture solutions that drive performance and create measurable results.