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Leadersh*t: Rethinking The True Path To Great Leading

 by Dr. Foster Mobley

Published Oct 15, 2011 by Madison House Media

ISBN: 0983529906 

For over 40 years, gurus of all stripes have been promoting the “competency model” of leadership, insisting that mastering skill sets such as motivation and vision-setting is the key to effective leading. But if that’s true, where are all the great leaders? In reality, the corporate world and world at large suffers from a dearth of leaders equipped to perform a leader’s primary duty: building the capacity of followers to deliver breakthrough results.

Into this dysfunctional paradigm comes the award-winning Leadersh*t: Rethinking the True Path to Great Leading with a shocking, refreshing wake-up call of unconventional wisdom.  From his 30+ years of experience coaching and developing some of the finest leaders in business and sports, FMG Leading Founder and Chairman Dr. Foster Mobley has distilled this simple, game changing revelation: leading well is not about what you do but who you are.  His revolutionary approach to developing breakthrough leaders, Wisdom Leading™, fills the pages of this extraordinary book. 

There have been hundreds of thousands of books on leadership.  There has never been a book like Leadersh*t: Rethinking the True Path to Great Leading.


Organization Development & Change

 by Thomas G. Cummings and Christopher G. Worley

Organization Development and Change

Congratulations to authors Dr. Foster Mobley, Erin Rocchio, and Jennifer Perry, whose work, “Organization Development In Healthcare”, was recently published in the 10th edition of Organization Development and Change (Cummings/Worley, ©2015). This marks their 3rd contribution to the most-widely read textbook on Organization Development, and features insights and uniquely-qualified perspectives gained from over 30 years of healthcare industry experience.

Market-leading Organization Development and Change, 10th Edition, blends rigor and relevance in a comprehensive and clear presentation. Authors Cummings and Worley work from a strong theoretical foundation to describe, in practical terms, how behavioral science knowledge can be used to develop organizational strategies, structures, and processes.

How could your company leverage the expertise of a team that “wrote the book” on high-performance healthcare organizations? To learn more, contact FMG Leading today, at (714) 628-2900.